Spring Renewal

Spring Renewal

Sunday, November 24, 2013

By Banks Jefferson


It is Christmas and the smell of gingerbread is in the air. Mom is in the kitchen baking and the snow is everywhere. Searching for a great tree is a delightful bit of work, later sitting in front of the fireplace dreaming for all it's worth. Cookies, Christmas wrappings and sleigh rides abound, making it such a wonderful way to get into town. The Christmas ornaments shimmer in the bright fire light and remind us of Christmas past on a cold winters night.

Cakes that look like houses and some shaped like Christmas gifts, cookies full of calories that are nowhere on our list. Doggies dressed in hats and sweaters, little booties too, tell you that it's Christmas and Santa is coming too. Music and carols that are centuries old, sung by young voices only 80 years old. Caramel coated popcorn and hot Chocolate Lattes too, help to comfort the shoppers as they say," A chew." The Christmas days are cold as the wind whistles into town, making the icicles crackle as they fall to the ground. Salvation Army kettles ringing in the news, that someone other than us might need a pair of shoes. 

We do our holiday cleaning getting ready for our guest, being so very proud of our special little nest. Placing all the Christmas lights with assembly line precision, wondering what has brought about these candy coated visions. These are the things of Christmas, how we love to watch them too. We may say Bah Humbug, but that means I love you too.

For a few moments, the troubles of the world cease to exist, and just for a moment, we are blessed with complete bliss. It is a time for the renewal of faith and charity, Christmas is a time to put aside all the worlds' disparity, relishing instead in our great similarity. Christmas is a time of reflection, one gift at a time, bringing about a smile to someone with a frown. One Christmas gift that we can all give is to forget the word me and replace it with a more universal word called we. 

We encounter many problems in our everyday lives, but there are times if we can only change the way we look at the difficulties a difference can be made in the outcome. The holiday season gives us an opportunity to change the negative into the positive. A change in thought pattern you might say. Hopefully, here is a train of thought to help you enjoy the holiday season.

 MERRY CHRISTMAS  Christmas Things by Banks Jefferson

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