Spring Renewal

Spring Renewal

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Safety Tips for Women Campers Traveling Around the World

When backpacking through great travel points, knowing safety tips for women campers traveling around the world can help keep things fun. Traveling is one of the most adventurous things a person can do but when you are female, it takes on a few added challenges.

Common Sense Pays

Share information w/ family Close Friends
Stay Close to Others
Make Officials Aware

It is recommended you always stay in touch with the folks back home. Everyone wants to be independent but telling someone, you trust your itinerary and checking in on schedule is one of the best ways to stay sage and only tell trusted officers you are alone. There is no real reason to advertise your aloneness. When camping out it is just as easy to have a good experience near other people. Camping near family groups is good. This is no different from leaving the mall at night. The same way you wait for a group to go to your car, this is wise for camping.

Research Travel Camping Sites

Charge cellphone

Check your social groups and find other women that love to go. There are lots of bold adventurous women in the world and they are as nervous as you are. Most will love knowing they are not alone and perhaps one or two might be in your camping territory. Keep cell phone charged and make sure you can get a signal and make sure your internal cell phone tracking device is turned on. If you can get the number of a few other campers and program the ranger station into your phone, it is difficult to dial when you are nervous. A one-push number is best. A whistle is very old fashioned but buy a good one. No matter where you go in the world, people doing things they should not hate light, and noise.

Items to Carry

Night Vision Glasses

Women share key points on safe camping for women around the world. Keep a high-powered flashlight and know your exact co-ordinance before you camp. If people do not know where you are, they cannot help you should you need it.  Download a good navigational tool or purchase one. Sporting good stores have expert help and can get you every safety precaution gadget you need. If you should get lost, stay with the car and do not forget to pack emergency provisions.  Night vision glasses will help you feel better knowing you can see in the dark. Most things are very lightweight and fit in your tent pack. Camping is high tech now and companies are aware of the need for safety. However, keep in mind when camping around the world there is nothing wrong with keeping an old-fashioned map. Give trusted people your car tag number and a list of the places you plan to visit. It is recommended you do not pitch your camp in the loneliest spot in the park. Anyone can take adventure too far. Unless your are Paul Bunyan, stick to help within a loud yell. Safety tips for women traveling around the world can help keep a woman in a better position to stay safe. 

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