Spring Renewal

Spring Renewal

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Holiday Parks and Camp Grounds

Learn the difference between departments of conservation operated camp grounds and holiday parks through travel organizations and visiting the various facilities. Holiday parks have on site entertainment within the area close to housing facilities located on the property. A great example is Audobon Cottages in New Orleans, LA or the Manatee Bay Inn in Fort Meyers Beach, FL property.

 Department of Conservation camp grounds are facilities operated by the Federal and State governments for the public to enjoy. These parks are protected lands because they are incredibly beautiful. Holiday parks are usually owned by private enterprise and set up for holiday enjoyment. Both of these activities are fun depending upon what your goal is for a holiday.

 People from every walk of life visit the National Parks for recreational, they hike and bike ride and camp out to experience the natural way people lived when the country was in its infancy. Holiday parks have a more prepackaged experience. With a conservation property there is fishing, bird watching, hiking and a host of other activities. Although there are a number of facilities to accommodate people who do not want to sleep in a tent. The vastness of a National Park is not limited to any one sector, with rivers and mountains at public disposal.

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