Spring Renewal

Spring Renewal

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Disney Fantasy Cruise

Take a Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Excursion for St. John and enjoy the beauty of national Parks, great boating tours, snorkeling and shopping for discounts on great merchandise. ST. John was one of the first areas to be settled in the New World and still has the flavor of the original inhabitants. Centuries of history still permeates the island, while modern design makes things convenient.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Excursions for St. John offers activities for the adventurous and the sedimentary traveler. These excursions never let you feel lazy or out of place. They are designed to give you a wonderful experience on St. John. Be as active as you want or sit as much as you like. There are plenty of places to do either activity in the Emerald of the Carribean.

Take the Trunk Bay tour and visit these photographed beaches for yourself or explore old ruins that take you back in time. Grab a sunset dinner cruise on a lovely 65' sailing sloop or ride on the water and enjoy a one of a kind view of the island. After all of this activity retun to Cruz Bay and gather with friends; enjoy deck parties to complete a busy day.

The natural element of this island is never more evident than when seeing luscious grape trees and lovely Coral World Ocean Park. Sit on sand accented beaches or go para-sailing in emerald blue water. The things to do on a Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Excursion for St. John are almost without end. Book while on the ship or before you leave home. Excursions can get crowded fast so do not wait too long you do not want to miss fantastic activities and sceneries. Visit historical places and walk streets centuries old. The island is filled with lovely waterfalls and lush forest, lots to keep you busy.

Do not miss the Nautilus VI which takes you to see the underwater sites, see tropical fish and gardens filled with coral. These are sites you might miss without the benefit of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Excursions for St. John. Walk hiking trails, take guided tours or take ferry boat rides. St. John's Virgin, Islands is filled with activity for Disney Fantasy Cruise passengers. What is even better these excursions are for the whole family; something to fit everyone’s taste.

If you love bike riding you know the advantage of taking biking trails. Water Island Mountain Bike Adventure is a great way to see the Island. Enjoy the terrain and stop when you like to take in the unique places along the way. The beauty of St. John's Virgin Islands is fantastic with its rolling hills, white sand and luscious blue water is wonderful. If boating is not enough, check into an afternoon of fishing these waters or a few hours of golf in this paradise. Doing this at home is fine but the difference in the sea breeze and the array of fish will give you stories to take home. Thousands travel to this relaxing island every year and excursions help them see it.

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